Digikam questions

1: Is this the best forum for Digikam use and build questions?
I searched and didn’t find a Digikam forum, but if I missed something please tell me.

2: Undock the preview panel: I really want to be able to undock that so that I can move the preview to a different monitor while everything else stays on the first monitor. I would have thought that would be a popular mode of use. Is that already possible? If so, what did I miss in the GUI and/or documentation?
2a: If it isn’t possible, any hints on where in the source code such a feature would fit. I’m pretty good at coding such things but pretty bad at finding which parts of a large source implement which visible features.

3: Building under Fedora. I kludged past some build errors to get a mostly working binary. Online searches for those errors suggested substituting older versions of some of the packages the build depends on, which seemed to be even uglier than commenting out a little problem code. Obviously others can build it with less ugliness. Any guidance appreciated.

4: Building under MSYS2/MINGW64 for Windows. I’d really prefer to build that way. There are Visual Studio based instructions that I couldn’t really follow and I don’t want to throw a lot of time into (not a fan of Microsoft compilers). The biggest problem is with the names of the dependacies. The way they are named in the digikam documentation seems to have little similarity to the way they are named in Fedora package management and far less similarity to the way they are named in MSYS2 package management.

Lots of other questions, which I’ll save for now and start new threads if that seems effective.