Disable Backup Copy Creation upon Clicking Save in Kdenlive

Hello there. Everytime I save a Kdenlive Project File told me that the app created a backup copy in order to prevent data loss. However, I was not interested in this feature as this may take some storage space in here.

So the question is, how to disable this thing in the Kdenlive Settings? I can’t find that option so I can disable the creation of Backup Copies upon next saving of a Kdenlive Project File.

Here’s the evidence which I should disable that option in Kdenlive’s Settings. Thanks

Hmmm, something is not right. This message should only come up a) if you change project settings in mid-run, or b) Kdenlive recovered a project after a crash. Perhaps there are other events that might trigger this but I only encountered the two.

Having said this, I am afraid you cannot turn this off. Auto Save is something else although closely related. Still, it should not happen every time you save your project. Perhaps you should create a bug report in bugs.kde.org

Looks like you are using the Windows version. Check the Windows Troubleshooting pages in the Kdenlive documentation.