Disable (or increase pop-up time) of properties in Dolphin

I’m on Plasma 6 and I find the properties pop-up (see image) really annoying. It’s shown too often, I think it appears after a second hovering a folder with the mouse. It doesn’t allow to see the folders below.
Is there any way to disable that pop-up or increase the time after which it’s shown?

They’re controlled by the “tooltips” setting. If you’ve got the menu bar (File Edit…) settings, configure dolphin, or if not, the menu button, configure, configure dolphin. Then uncheck “Show tooltips”.

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if you still want to see the preview and other info you can enable the information pane under

view > show panels > information

or use F11 to toggle it.


Thank you very much. I didn’t know the F11 shortcut which is very useful

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