Disable the animations when hovering the cursor over Dolphin image folders?

If you have a bunch of images in a folder and hover that folder with the cursor, which I constantly do without thinking about it or intending for anything to happen, it shows an animation of the contents instead of just keeping the little “example thumbnails”.

This is “one of those things”…

I’ve searched desperately in the settings and online for a way to turn this off, but found nothing. Please tell me it’s possible. This pisses me off every day as I try to focus and visually look through my sub-folders of images.

Anything that moves around/animates is banned from my computer world. It goes for webpages and anything else. I don’t understand how anyone is able to “cancel out” this in their heads.

This actually feels like a typical thing that would exist somewhere in the settings, but all I can find is the option to turn off thumbnails entirely, which is absolutely not what I want.

(The same question also goes for disabling animations of video files when hovering those, but that is somewhat less annoying.)

Are you (guessing here) using
Settings > Configure Dolphin > General , miscellaneous > Show tooltips checkbox
or something else, there are many setting, knowing what you used would be of help and not have to guess.

I have that unchecked, but it’s got nothing to do with this. I can’t find the option I was referring to. Possibly it doesn’t exist and I’ve confused it with something else. Anyway, how do I turn the folder animations off?

There is no user-facing option to disable this behavior at the moment.

Not even a configuration file option? Doesn’t have to be GUI!

Nope, no such thing exists right now.

One could be created, of course.

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Please do. While I can see the thinking behind it, it frankly is more annoying than useful. The still (non-animated) example thumbnails are more than enough to quickly determine what the folder contains.