Disappeared media control tray icon with Plasma 6?

Had a very confusing experience installing KDE Neon with Plasma 6 some months ago: I was one of the people who got black screens and missing components. Reinstalling everything worked and I’ve been using Plasma 6 for some months.
Something that still bugs me is that I’ve never seen again the media control tray icon yet: it was useful for controlling local audio players or videos on Firefox.
Anyone who know what might have happened and how I can solve this?

yeah same here about the media controller. just noticed the bug.

It appears to still be there on Arch. Perhaps it is a packaging bug.

Do you think someone could point me to the package I need to install, if that’s how it works?

When I referred to a packaging problem, what I meant was that perhaps something is wrong with the package being provided by the distro. If I remember correctly, Neon had some trouble with their plasma 6 rollout and I was suggesting that this issue may be a leftover from that.

If you are running some minimal system and truly are missing the package. Then the media player at least on Arch is provided by the plasma-workspace package.

Finally, Arch does less package splitting than other distros, so I am unsure if the package will have the same name in whatever distro you are using. Even if it does I am unsure if this functionality is provided by that package or a different additional package.

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Nah I have a full installation.
Then maybe I should reinstall everything, given that some months have passed from the initial, buggy release of KDE Neon with Plasma 6. I wanted to wait for Kubuntu in order to switch to something more reliable, but it seems they won’t update to Plasma 6.0 for some months.

The point of me trying to determine the source of the issue was so that it could be reported to the correct place. It is entirely possible that despite the amount of time has passed. That no one has reported the issue. Please report the issue to kde neon if no one adds any additional information and you believe you have the proper packages installed.

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