Discover redesign mockup

Dont understand your comment.

I agree it is not “Linux-Like” to display “app ads” on the main screen. If I open discover it should not do anything, at least if I choose so. It should work as an application manager, also integrating the really nice Flatpak permissions KCM would be great!

What do you think?

  1. Should Discover have an opt-out for automatic immediate updates?
  2. Should the Flatpak permission page be moved to Discover?

This site doesnt load on my Browser and uses a whole lot of Javascript from weird origins. Mind to share regular pictures?

Yes to the first one but the default is off. HELL no to the second one. The only thing Discover is good for is updating the theme components and NOTHING else, so the flatpak permissions page needs to stay part of the system settings. For all other updates use your distros installed updater or if on a Arch based distro install and use topgrade with the exception of Garuda run garuda-update then topgrade.

Want to actually create a thread in the section for help with forum issues and NOT hijack jast any thread? Thanks

I talked about this figma, not this site, lol