Disk Encryption not working on recent neon iso's but is working on older images?

Disk Encryption not working on recent neon iso’s but is working on older images?

When I installing neon using the following iso images with disk encryption I’m unable to boot into the system.

I’m quite sure that I am entering the right password as I get the message slot 0 open but then I get a message stating that the password is not correct or an option is the cause. Then I get a message that the max tries has been exceeded.
Though I don’t get this issue when installing using

Any ideas?

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I have the exact same problem! Is there anywhere, where I can download an older KDE Neon install ISO, which is not broken as workaround?

You can try Distrowatch they keep torrent files for older releases of many distros.

I did have a few have a few older iso images on my HDD as I like to keep around the last four neon iso releases. Just is case, this is the first time I’ve needed to use an older image.

I can confirm that iso neon-user-20240104-0715 is broken. A fresh install with full disk encryption is not bootable.

Manually mounting the encrypted partition works, so the passphrase was correctly read and set by the installer.

Edit: I can confirm that iso neon-user-20231206-1454 works as expected.


For anyone wanting to still boot until this is fixed… after it drops you into the shell. Use cat /cryptroot/crypttab and take note of the luks-<uuid> partition.

Then unlock it with

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 luks-<uuid>

and enter the password. Then run

exec run-init /root /sbin/init /root/dev/console

and the desktop should start.

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There’s a bug report about this here: 480856 – Fresh Neon install can't boot if encryption is used (20240201-0717 iso)

Please chime in to hopefully get the devs to pay attention

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