Displayport monitor failure after wake from sleep

I’m running KDE Neon 5.27, Plasma 5.27.9, on an nVidia GTX 1060 using driver version 545.29.06.

I’ve been using the X11 session.

I have a two monitor setup. Both are ASUS, with my primary being a ProART monitor using DP, and the secondary is an older model using HDMI. The DP monitor is routed through a KVM switch.

I’ve been using KDE for a couple months now without much issue, as a daily driver. Sleep has been finicky here and there, so I usually avoid using it.

Last night I put my system to sleep. I didn’t make any major system changes in the meantime, so unsure what prompted this issue.

After waking the system this morning, the DP monitor refused to display while in the Plasma X11 session (I also tried Wayland, and it was the same - no display)

The issue was not with the hardware nor drivers, but still tried updating drivers, cycling power, changing ports, resetting monitor settings, messing with xorg.conf (there was no conf file previously), etc anyways just in case.

The DP monitor displayed just fine in Windows, GRUB, POST for KDE, and even the SDDM displayed just fine. It wasn’t until being logged into Plasma, when the system loaded the display session, that the monitor dropped connection.

This issue is identical to these posts:

The solution that did end up working was the one in the first post, posted by a KDE Dev, suggesting renaming the kscreen folder. The DP monitor now functions as normally.

I am not sure what occurred between last night and this morning after waking the system to cause kscreen to get screwed up, so I posted the contents of that folder below for review. Unsure if this warrants a bug report or not, but figured I’d post my experience and any necessary info to help others and potentially see if a fix can be incorporated in the future (if this is bug-report worthy)


I still not totally familiar with Linux but I am willing to provide additional logs and info as needed.


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Yes, do please make a bug report about this. The working KScreen folder would be useful for comparison too