Do `partitionmanager` handle "4Kn"-Data-Carrier?

i don’t think partitionmanager can handle such Data-Carrier (DC) because on my 4Kn-DC have i always to partition and format manually.

  1. If the name is partitionmanager (PM), it should make at least his primary job perfect, but he don’t, because he start the first partition on predefined sector count but not on disk space, 1MiB on 4Kn-DC end at 255 and not at 1023, hence… the PM don’t recognize a 4Kn-DC at all.
  2. One PM should allow at least to partition without formatting a DC but this one can’t.
  3. This PM even don’t support vfat necessary for EFI-Partition on a 4Kn-DC, this is done with following command: mkfs.vfat -F32 -s 2 -S 4096 -v /dev/nvme0n1p1
  4. Even ext4 need specific parameter to format, see the right command here:
    mkfs.ext4 -F -b 4096 -F /dev/nvme0n1p2.
    As you can see, EXT4 must be forced twice to make the right job.
  5. How PM partition and format ZFS must be a mystery, there is a POOL necessary that should not be formatted… with compression or without, with encryption or without, special setting for nvme, etc., etc… and all the DATASET on top of POOL. And how do PM it without zfs-utils & zfs-dkms? this’s also a mystery!

I.M.H.O, KDE should use PM as front-end for gptfdisk or gdisk & make by selecting a DC with the mouse a gdisk -l <selected-DC>, the developer of this application is waiting to finally get his app on desktop.

The formatting must be optional and must handle vfat and the special settings for ef00 & 8300-“family”.

Note: The specifications of 4Kn are from 2009-2012 = very old and the DC-manufacturers will soon stop to deliver 512- or 512e-DC.

I.M.H.O., i would prefer to get transformation of 4K-PBS (physical-block-size) having 512 or 512e LBS (logical-block-size) to 4Kn-LBS, this is just a command to check & a command to execute, like this:
nvme id-ns /dev/nvme0n1 -H | grep LBA #to check & if output =

LBA Format  0 : Metadata Size: 0   bytes - Data Size: 512 bytes - Relative Performance: 0x2 Good (in use)
LBA Format  1 : Metadata Size: 0   bytes - Data Size: 4096 bytes - Relative Performance: 0x1 Better

than issue following command:
nvme format /dev/nvme0n1 -l 1
with following output: Success formatting namespace:1

reload DC parameter in the GUI with command: gdisk -l <selected-DC>, the whole explanations (made for newbee) are here.

It’s a must to read PBS & LBS for a PM, otherwise is useless, & please contact the developer of GDISK ;-).

One thing the PM could do too, this is to create & configure ZRAM but not ZSWAP.

Thank you for reading this post.