Documentation screenshots - preferred colour scheme?

When taking screenshots for KDE documentation, should they be captured in a specific variant of Breeze - Light or Dark?

Use the default settings for documentation. → Breeze Light.

Edit: See here (not sure how up to date this is): KDE Localization - KDE Documentation Screenshots Requirements

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@Duha, I imagine that that was written in the Plasma 5 era, so wouldn’t merely “Breeze” refer to what’s referred to in Plasma 6 as “Breeze Classic”? (I hope not, because Light would look a lot better.)

You should always use the default values for NOW not when the guide was written (as they cannot see into the future :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Note: some distros use their own theme and default settings. If you are unsure create a Neon VM and take a screenshot there.

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@Duha, good idea. I’ll do that. (Luckily, it’s only a difference of title bar colouration regardless.)