Does Alt+F4 closes the crashed app or the crash handler window?

So, an app crashed, the crash handler window asking what to do with the crash pops up, and the system is very, very slow because of the crash.
Should I press Alt+F4 twice? Or the crash handler window understands I want to close the crashed app that triggered the crash handler?

The cursor gets to a very low frame rate and with very a lot of delay, so I can’t simply click on the option to close the crashed app.

If that’s not a thing, I will add this to the wishlist of the bugtracker.
Ex: Blender/video editor/A game crashes and slows down the system while you’re using your internet browser, so instead of super slowly trying to close it, all you needed to do was just press Alt+F4 on the crash handler window that pops up in front of whichever app you’re currently interacting with.
The message on the crash handler window should have “(Alt+F4)” added to the option that closes the the crashed app.

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I think the window you want to close needs to be the one in focus for the shortcut to work on it


In my system which has only 6Gb of RAM the worst offenders of this are Firefox and Thunderbird. It had gotten so bad that I had to create a global custom shortcut “Ctrl+K” that I set to immediately kill all instances of Firefox and Thunderbird regardless of where the focus is. Mind you, when the system has stalled (to the point that FernandoMMuniz described) then even the shortcut might take 10-15 minutes to execute.

I really hope you find a solution to this, but I’m afraid that your scenario sounds very much like a low memory situation that your whole software stack (including the kernel) is failing to handle correctly, not only Plasma.

The crash handler and the system in general should have a “Kill” shortcut.

A game crashed and Alt+F4 takes a very long time to close it.

There is a kill shortcut. The default shortcut is CTRL+META+ESC


That’s good to know. Will be my new Alt+F4.

I’ve put on the wishlist now. (488213)