Does anyone know the QML to allow page selection on the sidebar?

In some Kirigami apps, there exists a sidebar that allows the user to jump to different pages. Does anyone know what QML I need to add to emulate this? I tried browsing the source code of some apps but I still need help. I know you could do initialPage: [ sidebarPage, mainPage ] but I’m not sure how to get those list items. Thank you.

In my app, I use a Kirigami.PagePool for this, exemple here.

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For Kirigami Gallery, I’m pretty sure those are two different pages which are pushed next to each other. In other applications (Tokodon, NeoChat, Arianna) the sidebar is a Kirigami.GlobalDrawer which is forced open on desktop but auto-hidden on mobile.

Keep in mind that Kirigami Gallery itself is also an example app with source code. You like something you see, you can adopt it straight from its own source code. In your case, the list items on the left and the PagePoolAction that opens the pages seem to come from MainPage.qml.

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Actually, I think KClock may have what I’m looking for. I’ll browse its source code and see what I can come up with.