Does anyone know who wrote this very good text?

Does anyone know who wrote this very good text? This text describes Kdenlive very well.

Although he says: For contacting me just use the mailing list or the email I published in my profiles on the Kdenlive and KDE sites.
And, how to write to him?

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I venture a guess: either Davy Bartoloni or Massimo Stella.

What do you want to do with that information?

BTW, the Kdenlive documentation has moved to and is being worked as we speak :wink:

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Hallo @berndmj
Danke für den Tipp. Zu Deiner Frage:

I wanted to thank the author for his thoughts. I hope to find a follower who also wants to help Kdenlive become a simple but usefully equipped professional video editor. Less bells and whistles and only the most useful, elementary functions that work stably. Kdenlive often crashes when I change the colors of the text or the background of a text. Not tragic, because I lose little work, but a little annoying.

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First time i see this Handbook :slight_smile: nice!

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In this case my money is on Massimo Stella (and I may have recognized him in one of the screenshots)