Dolphin and the preview of images: hardlink vs softlink

As you know, Dolphin can show previews for different file types. Among them general images (Gif, Png, Bmp etc.) and JPEG type images.

This small scenario is about previewing images located in folders. This puts images inside folders as small previews on top of the actual folder icons in Dolphin. You know what I mean? But there is a limitation. If there is linked image (png/jpg) in a folder, then it will be used for preview only if it is hard linked.

Here is a picture to illustrate the point:


This sounds like a bug, could you report it on

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Dolphin itself creates only symbolic links. What should the request refer to, missing real links or equal treatment of linked stuff? :wink:

I would probably file it under equal treatment of linked stuff, since Dolphin can create symbolic links it would make sense that they would work under Dolphin’s expected functions (like showing it in folder previews)

Okay, but according to POSIX, “ln source_file target_file” is the correct way of generating links and other parameters are optional. Other file managers, including dired, offer both options. If you know how Dolphin handles this, you can consider it a welcome feature. This way, dozens of descriptive images can be placed as symbolic links in the folders and only one, a hardlink, shines through to the outside. This way, instead of randomly picking four images to preview, which are then so small that no one can recognize them, everything looks tidy and uncluttered to the outside. Let’s see how the others see it.