Dolphin asks for password to smb server while already knowing the credentials

I currently have 2 shares from 2 servers mounted from within dolphin. Dolphin already has the username and password for both and can connect normally but one of the two if I click it 2-3 times will prompt me for a username and password while already knowing it.

I just have to click ok and it will keep going. Its like there is a 30% chance in each click I do on that one share to ask for a username and password.

Let me be clear that it will ask me for a password ONLY if I click here

It wont ask me while I browse the share and working with files only when I try to click on the share root multiple times.

I don’t have a fix but I did figure out a workaround.

In my case I have a few directories on an external drive connected to a router. They have been added as Places in Dolphin for a few years with no issues until recently. I re-added them as Places and deleted the old entries. It now works as expected.

Hope this helps.

I think my problem is based on the communication with the smb server not a general external drive. my installation is fresh. Those are new connections.