[Dolphin]Bulk rename: allow to use tag for current file name

I did not understood, why there is no way to order for using current file name in bulk rename. For example:
I have README and Makefile. I will have README-old and Makefile-old, so I select both, selecting rename and type %old_name%-old .

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I think it’s best done in KRename like so:


If I may jump the queue, @slawomirlach, I have a comment on @Justin’s “done”-screenshot. (“About the Brainstorm category: Ideas for features and enhancements.”)

KRename is a standalone package in the Debian distribution, for example. It is not automatically installed with Dolphin and is not suggested in that context.

The installed KRename is not a menu item directly under the entry “Rename” (F2), but you can find KRename offside under the submenu “Actions” at the end there under “Rename with KRename”.

KRename cannot be called via a keyboard shortcut because it is not provided. Here I would expect “Alt-F2” or something similar to go along with “Rename”. This would make it clear that it is an extension of the rudimentary Rename command.

The same applies to the so called “Selection Mode” in Dolphin; there KRename could change its place with the action “Move to Trash”, for example, which already has a known keyboard shortcut (Del). (Apropos, in “Selection Mode” “m” for “mark” could be used as shortcut to select files, if there is nothing to the contrary.)

If that doesn’t change, you’ll always be busy taking screenshots, assuming the average user finds their way to the forum. :wink:

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And yet: why integrating krename should be good for cases, where we move/copy files? In this case, copy/move dialog allow us to set new name for file.

If this is your concern then just try zmv (man zshcontrib) , it works completely independent of Dolphin and also in Konsole. :wink:

I see. I have low technical skills, so that probably not problem for me. What about normal people? I can use terminal, but use Plasma, cause it is most configurable and easy-to-use and most powerful desktop. I think many people selects plasma due easy-to-use.

Your “normal” people don’t know anything about percent signs or other undocumented regular expressions, they just take KRename or do it on foot.

Have a nice life!

Ok. You are right. So we need gui like krename in rename dialog (for bulk rename or move/copy operations). I think, this topic could be closed.