Dolphin cannot mount drive "wrong fs" but mount command works fine

I have a external drive for my data (500GB SSD) using the ntfs file system.
Recently I bricked this by forgetting to unmount a VeraVault before unplugging in a hurry.

Since then the drive is unusable on my Linux PC.
Dolphin gives this error:

And mount gave a similar one.

After running ntfsfix over the drive it can be mounted and accessed fine with mount /dev/sda1 /mount/point, however Dolphin still fails.

So any tips how to mounting from inside dolphin working again?
In my eyes that’s a bug in dolphin or did a miss something there?

Please no advice on backups (I have these) and safe unmount (accident).

I have the same problem with a ntfs formatted external drive.

It seems to be some kind of problem with the ntfs3 kernel module.
Blacklisting the ntfs3 module in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and installing ntfs-3g solved the problem. Dolphin now mounts the external drive with rw access.

But this can only be a workaround. There should be a way to use the ntfs3 module.

EDIT: Maybe its related to this 445468 – Cannot mount NTFS with the new ntfs3 module from Linux 5.15