Dolphin: change default "start typing" behaviour to "filter"?

what I really liked about pcmanfmQt (the time I used it when dolphin permanently crashed), is the usage of filter.

Search is nice, but I would like to always use the “filter” instead of searching for the first letter. I think this could even be changed in general, as its so much more powerful and still very fast.

Is there some way to do that? It is not a button, or a setting etc, as this is simply the default behavior.

Alternatives like adding a button, or always displaying the filter bar, are not good options.

Do you know the shortcuts to display the filter bar ?
‘/’ and ‘Ctrl+I’

Does it fit your need ?


damn, true “/” is a thing on english keyboards.

This is totally an english/US thing, as the key is placed like that. I have a en-GB keyboard so this is a good solution for me