Dolphin column view

Not sure how the sponsoring works but if we can kind of crowd fund feature developments, I’d chip in with 50 bucks for the long awaited column view in Dolphin:

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Not sure what you mean, but unless you’re talking about Miller columns, the columns are there.

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No, Dolphin used to have “Column view” a long time ago. It is essentially like the macOS Finder:

Those are Miller columns ( kinda cascading sub columns). As far as I know there are hardly any linux fm’s that do it. Pantheon fm is one that does. And although I’d like to see it implemented, I don’t think this will happen any time soon in dolphin.

I would be very happy to benefit from donations so that I can focus on that feature.

That’s a feature, I have meant to implement for some time.

@ngraham does the eV could look for/does recommend a crowdfounding/bounty hunting site to handle the gathering of individuals donations ?

Column view for has always been about Miller columns filesystem browsing.

Your screenshot is the compact view grouped by filenames.

Dolphin indeed used to have it but it was dropped because it couldn’t be maintained…something. I believe there are plans to make it for Caja and Pcmanfm-qt.

Yes, I know. But the post stated COLUMN view right? And looking at the link that was posted and the picture in it, it was exactly that, a COLUMN view, not a miller one.

In dolphin, column view means miller columns, that’s how the feature was named.

The bug explicitly makes reference to the bug regretting this feature removal 290747 – Column view is not available anymore in Dolphin 2.0

Reasoning of original Dolphin developer:


At the moment, KDE e.V. does not have a recommendation about this, nor do we have a lot of expertise on the matter. I think it would be best if people who do have that expertise made a recommendation, and then everyone could discuss it publicly somewhere.