Dolphin - enhance with "Create folder from selected files"

From all the availabe services for Dolphin from the KDE Store, this one “Create folder from selected files” seems to make the most sense as a “general” i.e. “everyone benefits from it”- enhancement. Who doesn’t work with files in a file manager?

I think it should be integrated in Dolphin in this form or another.


Make sense we have the compress to option appearing from such cases and move to/copy to options already.

Would you mind making a feature request on for dolphin.


Done, I hope it’s sufficient :slight_smile: 484555 – Enhance with “Create folder from selected files”

(for those interested to try it out with Plasma 5 you need to get rid of ServiceMenus in and create a missing directory iirc)


I marked the bug as a junior job as it is a perfect job for someone wanting to contribute something simple to dolphin, learning KDE API along the way.


Agreed. Been using it for ages. Surprised this hasn’t been implemented as some sort of default one.
I changed it a bit though. I use a kdialog --getsavefilename for it.

I would suggest “Copy to new folder” as an alternative label for the feature

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Agreed. “Copy/move to new folder” would be easier to understand than the original description.

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Suggestions are welcome, someone speaking english natively should have the final word I suppose :slight_smile: Also, it depends on the final functionality ofc, I don’t even remember, does it work for folders as well? Need to check it out at some point.

Something that came to me, we could event combine it within the “Create new folder” shortcut. That is, if a user has files/folders selected and clicks on the new folder button (that can be added to the toolbar), in the menu or the shortcut, the dialog would then be “Create new folder and selected files into it”. Or maybe with a different shortcut, or a checkbox in the dialog whether or not to move selected files.

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“Move 5 Items to New Folder”
“Move 5 Selected Items to New Folder”

(“Create New Folder and Move 5 Selected Items”) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are optional “Move To” and “Copy To” submenus. Just add a “New Folder” item in them.

Yes, it works on folders.

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That’s a nice related feature but not exactly the same.
Would welcome this.

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Exactly, the action should be simple and straightforward and residing in the default menu doing the thing fast and effectively. It is meant for working inside a defined folder afterall.

User can then use whatever else functionality there is available (or added) like copying/moving to other view (<- a brilliant addition btw!, kudos to the dev who implemented it), etc, according to his/her further needs.