Dolphin files in color (solved)

I would like to put some “Dlophin” files in color, using this method:

Unfortunately, here is the return of the order: Installation failled.

A small island please?


I don’t know the answer to how to actually make this work, but note that that article is 9 years old. Any technical instructions that old on the internet need to be considered suspect.

Not sure if by “files” you mean folders. In case it’s folders, try No idea if it works on all icon sets ( highly doubt it), but it does on Breeze and Breeze RC.

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Just for the record. The of the extension seems to install on Linux only (assumptions where a home folder should be, sed syntax, looking for a wayland file…).

I was a bit lazy to debug it on FreeBSD but basically it’s replacing/adding a desktop file with a custom icon path to a color folder icon, that’s in the breeze iconset.

It’s basically an automagical right clicking on a Folder → Properties → Clicking on the Folder icon to change it → and choosing a different coloured icon. (So, I’m not too motivated to make it work for me)

There’s something I noticed though. I’m not sure if it’s only on this kubuntu or not but I can’t seem to change the non-hidden folders’ color in the home directory. I took a look at the script which ran just fine in previous kubuntu versions ( this one’s 23.04) but can’t find any weirdness. Anywho, I can only change the color if I hit “remove directory file” first.

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shrugs The breeze icons are there, why not having it in dolphin ootb or at least a setting in properties for a folder.

Well, I used this extension on Arch, btw, iirc. Now I am using the "long way round"™ here on my BSD box now, but it’s ok for me.

O well, it works. I mostly use custom made ones anyway.

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Now you mention it. That’s something I really think would be something for dolphin.

A colour/tint setting for the icon properties like it’s already done with the global tint the icons get according to the plasma/colour theme, but on individual settings.

E.g. Colour theme is yellow. Overall tint for folder icons is yellow.
Customizing the colour of a picture folder in properties overrides the yellow and uses e.g. a blue tint for this custom icon.

Don’t know maybe causes to much overhead when parsing the .desktop file and recolouring the icons on the fly (and thus twice)

Isn’t the option there already?

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Thank you all for your answers.
dzon, I succeeded with your indications. Great! Excellent. :smile:

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At least not here for me. No red Music folder or purple Downloads folder icons in stock breeze icon. I have a yellow blender or a green android folder, tho:-)

After following the installation procedure, right-click on the folder you wish to color. In the context menu, you’ll see: “action”. By clicking on it, you’ll be able to choose the color, as shown in dzon’s photo.

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weird. So…none of this stuff?

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I checked a couple others, regular Breeze Dark, Custom Breeze Kora and Breeze RC Yellow. Options are there alright.

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unfortunately no. But I currently just have the stock Breeze icon set installed.

Desc: Screenshot of the places section when reassigning a folder icon with the stock breeze icon set.

Thanks for tip, but I’m not able to follow the install instruction unless I make the install script and probl. the tinting script to work on FreeBSD. It seems to be Linux-only. (It did work on Arch, btw;-)

But I can “tint” folder icons by using Properties and change the icons with one of the coloured folders in the places section, and that’s absolutely ok for a work-around for me.

I just wondered about special folder icons like music and pictures, that can’t be “tinted” with no recoloured icon in the icon set.

nevertheless. Appreciated, you trying to help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: