Dolphin for Windows x64?

I was wondering if dolphin for Windows x64 still exists?

I’ve seen it mentioned previously that it existed but can’t find it anymore.

The binary factory is no longer used, so you’d have to look here (I think?): Artifacts · System / Dolphin · GitLab

That said, I’m not seeing any Windows binaries available for download.


Windows and macOS builds for Dolphin are not re-implemented after the shutdown of Binary Factory. However that is beeing worked on, for the current progress see


I appreciate all the info!

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We have a first build:

This is a development version of dolphin.

If anyone could test it, and check this is ok, no need to install it, the 7z compressed version is sufficient for now.
This is testing, it should be ok but it needs some validation.


Wow this is the latest plasma 6!!! It’s so sleek it made smile!

Thank you very much and look forward to the stable release!

ps. I did some quick testing and it seems the preview thumbnails don’t work and the RMB click crashes it… oh and terminal popup command does nothing.

Thanks for testing, we will need to fix those before advertising it.

It has never been supported in Windows.