Dolphin: How to fix "chapter title" in Side Panel?

Hello all,

I’m new to KDE, it’s only a couple of weeks. On my home computer, there are several user accounts, and on one of those, a “chapter title” in Dolphin’s side bar has now lost its formatting and is displayed with an ampersand character, see picture. Can I fix that by editing some configuration file? (If important: The underlying system is Tuxedo OS, a special Ubuntu flavor without Snap.)

I would greatly appreciate any help and to learn from that :slight_smile:


This happens sometimes and goes away randomly. I have not figured out why and how.
Bug report on the same thing happening on the Application launcher: 486306 – Ampersand displayed in configuration button tooltip.

I finally succeeded by de-installing Dolphin, removing every file in the home of the respective user with “dolphin” in its name, and re-installing Dolphin again. I’m not completely happy because I didn’t learn from this what the reason was.
Funny enough, the user’s individual bookmarks in the “Orte” (“Places”) section survived the drastic treatment, while every other setting didn’t.