Dolphin - How to make back button in New Tab go back a path up?

How can I get the functionality similar to windows?
For example if I open a folder shortcut in new tab, say which has the location /home/user/xxx/yyy/zzz/
If I press back button usually in Windows it would go back to /home/user/xxx/yyy/ location and then /xxx/ if I press it again. But in Dolphin the back button is greyed out and isn’t usable at all (doesn’t work with backspace either)
How do I do this?

The back button takes you to directory you were in before you visited this one, it’s similar to the cd - command, only it saves multiple visited directories. It’s like the back button in a web browser.

So if you were in /home/user/xxx/ and you navigated to /home/user/xxx/yyy/, then the back button would take you back to /home/user/xxx/.

The “go up” button (default keyboard binding Alt + ), does what you want: goes up the directory tree to the parent directory, i.e. the same thing as cd .. command.


What Dolphin does not do (and perhaps it should) is remember the previously visited directories for new tabs (i.e. copy them from the parent tab if possible).


I understand how the back button works more now.
I’ve removed my Back button from toolbar and its shortcut. Enabled Go up button and set its shortcut to backspace.