Dolphin is abysmally slow when trying to explore a network mount

I have mounted a davfs2 filesystem. the network I’m on is limited. trying to access the mounted filesystem in dolphin causes dolphin to freeze and my Download to be pinned to 5.1 MiB/s. dolphin at this point is now completely unusable all because I dared to explore a mounted folder. the only thing that “fixes” these things is to reboot my system. xkilling dolphin doesn’t affect my Download being pinned to 5.1 MiB/s. logging out and logging in changes nothing. I’ve tried balooctl disable but it changes nothing (which makes sense because only my home folder is set to be indexed). what is dolphin doing that’s so important that it needs to become unusable until I reboot my PC? anyone know how to fix this?

I would recommend using the built-in WebDAV features of KIO/Dolphin for this very reason, Dolphin does not like locally mounted shares. Are you only using FUSE to display the file contents in Dolphin?

My understanding is that everything in Dolphin is synchronous, so whatever slowness of the (remote) filesystem will unavoidably have repercussions on the GUI.

If baloo is not the culprit, I suspect it may have to do with thumbnail generation. Did you try to check with System Monitor (or top/htop) whether there is some activity going on?

You might get some useful information with fuser and lsof
Something like:

sudo fuser -uvm /path/to/mount
sudo lsof -e /run/user/1000/doc /path/to/mount

You can try to use the integrated webdav support, using webdav://user@server as url in dolphin.
Then dolphin will know this is not a local filesystem and won’t try to make thumbnails as aggressively among other things.