Dolphin - Lock with drag and drop to thunderbird or firefox

Good day,
after the last update of kde neon plasma 6 when i try to drag and drop the file from the dolphin to the thunderbird attachment after the first file dropped i can not insert the new one the system seems locked.

If I understand correctly, after a drag and drop from dolphin to thunderbird, a second one will provoke a freeze.
May I ask what is freezed? Thunderbird? dolphin ? Or Plasma?

Can you report a bug to Log in to KDE Bugtracking System

no freeze but you are unable to drop the new file into thunderbird window

The same happen to me. I’m not able to drag and drop a file (as an attachment) when I compose a new email. What I should do is “click” on the “clip” icon to open the “add an attachment” dialogue window. I’m using Plasma version 6.0.3 (Wayland) and Thunderbird version 115.9.0 (64 bits)

In my case (same distro) it doesn’t work at all, not even the first file.
It might be useful to know that Thunderbird is not the only program that has this problem of drag & drop files; Discord also behaves strangely:
the drag & drop initially seems to work, the file gets added to the new message, (no thumbnail in case of an image), but then it doesn’t let you send the message.


(it says Upload not successful - something went wrong, try again later)

It works perfectly by clicking the + button and adding the file manually.

On Manjaro KDE/Wayland/Plasma 6.0.4 with Thunderbird 115.10.2, drag and drop from Dolphin to Thunderbird works fine

i remember having this issue a lot in the past. now it works fine but i think it may have been a problem with things that use xwayland, the thing that will allow you to use software that has not been updated to support wayland. i never figured out what caused this and it just disappeared on its own one day but its possible that this is the same issue