Dolphin loses all sidebars when minimising

Hello all,

since Plasam6 (Update and new installations) dolphin loses all sidebars when minimising. Is this a feature? How can i fix this?

Thanks a lot

That’s a bug.

Maybe not a dolphin bug. Does it happen for other programs with panels, gwenview or kate for instance.

Please report it.

Looks like only dolphin is affected so far.

Done: 482004 – Dolphin loses all sidebars when minimising

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Strange thing. I have already updated 5 devices to Plasma6. Today my wife’s notebook, and there is no such problem with Dolphin. How can that be? I don’t even have an idea…

I tried to destroy it. Unfortunately without success.

You WILL regret it! :crazy_face:


Can you try with a new user on the system you having the issue? Might be a weird config issue.

Done with my user on LDAP, no issue.

FOUND IT!!! It is wayland. If you use wayland no issu. Only with X11.

ok, that’s what it says… 481952 – Panels are hidden after minimizing Dolphin window

Signs of Plasma 6 moving to wayland.
Will they fix this?
Will be interesting to see how they react to this since they said support for x11 is dropped right? (or maybe it is more of a recommendation?)
But it is also confirmed, so…
I will follow this with interest.

We will continue providing support for the legacy X11 session for users who prefer to stick with it for now.

Quoting KDE MegaRelease 6 - KDE Community

The support is not dropped. Meaning fixing bugs in X11 is in scope and will get fixed.


Plasma 7 or 8 probably will deprecate or drop X11 support and some distro (fedora) might push the button earlier.
The writing is on the wall and has been for a while.

But for now if X11 fits better your needs, keep using it by all means and report bugs!

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Thank you for the response.

I have been pusing back at recomendations to “just use x11” because I was not sure it was actually supported.

So in like 10 years or so, gotcha. :kissing_heart:
Remember when fedora went btrfs as default and the linux community lost it? xD
They are pretty bold when it comes to new things.
And it always seems to work out, have to give them that.

Great info!
I have to admit, I did not read the post before and it is there in clear writing.


This really is important to me - thank you!
All of my former/current customers (I am semi-retired) and my friends and family still use X11 (and many of them have to or want to and nearly all of them with Plasma).

I have the same here.
I’m working with X11 because wacom tablets are not (hardly) supported in Wayland…

Is there a solution for this issue yet?
(KDE Neon with KDE Plasma 6.0.2)

It will be fixed in Gear 24.02.1 (Thursday, March 21 2023) - and the fix already has been backported in some distributions like Arch or openSUSE.
Also see post #8 or A medley of (non-critical) bugs in Plasma 6 that I have encountered

Perfect. Thx for the quick response.

update fixed it indeed.

Works perfectly again, very thanks!! :heart_eyes:

not for me. updated neon this morning. dolphin still on 24.02.0. i’m patient … :wink:


EDIT: 24.02.1 is here now and this thingi is fixed. thx!