Dolphin no longer keeping settings after boot

I have 2 Dolphin windows that I keep open at all times. 1 is TV Series and the other is with 4 tabs (shortcuts for the particular OS I’m in, Torrents, Movies To Watch, Last Night’s). I noticed in EzArcher that when I reboot both windows are open but both are open to only the shortcuts. The other 3 tabs in the one window are closed. Any idea what might be causing this behavior?

Plasma 5.27.5

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Ok just went into Garuda and did it’s updates and rebooted and now have the same behavior. Here’s the updates I received.

akonadi-contacts-23.04.1-1  angrysearch-1.0.4-1.4  aom-3.6.1-1  ark-23.04.1-1
at-spi2-core-2.48.2-1  baloo-widgets-23.04.1-1  bomber-23.04.1-1  bovo-23.04.1-1
cpu-x-4.5.3-1.2  ddcutil-1.3.0-1  dolphin-23.04.1-1  dolphin-plugins-23.04.1-1
dxvk-mingw-git-2.1.r86.g14eb4690-1  elisa-23.04.1-1  ffmpegthumbs-23.04.1-1
gconf-3.2.6+11+g07808097-10.4  google-chrome-dev-115.0.5762.4-1
goverlay-git-0.9.1.r2.gbe1867a-1.2  granatier-23.04.1-1  grantleetheme-23.04.1-1
gtk-update-icon-cache-1:4.10.3-2  gtk4-1:4.10.3-2  gwenview-23.04.1-1  i2c-tools-4.3-4
jackett-0.20.4135-1  kaccounts-integration-23.04.1-1  kaccounts-providers-23.04.1-1
kajongg-23.04.1-1  kamera-23.04.1-1  kapman-23.04.1-1  kate-23.04.1-1  katomic-23.04.1-1
kblackbox-23.04.1-1  kblocks-23.04.1-1  kbounce-23.04.1-1  kbreakout-23.04.1-1
kcalc-23.04.1-1  kdeconnect-23.04.1-1  kdegraphics-mobipocket-23.04.1-1
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-23.04.1-1  kdf-23.04.1-1  kdialog-23.04.1-1  kdiamond-23.04.1-1
kfind-23.04.1-1  kfourinline-23.04.1-1  kgoldrunner-23.04.1-1  kigo-23.04.1-1
killbots-23.04.1-1  kio-extras-23.04.1-1  kio-gdrive-23.04.1-1  kiriki-23.04.1-1
kjumpingcube-23.04.1-1  klickety-23.04.1-1  klines-23.04.1-1  kmahjongg-23.04.1-1
kmime-23.04.1-1  kmines-23.04.1-1  knavalbattle-23.04.1-1  knetwalk-23.04.1-1
knights-23.04.1-1  kolf-23.04.1-1  kollision-23.04.1-1  kolourpaint-23.04.1-1
kompare-23.04.1-1  konquest-23.04.1-1  konsole-23.04.1-1  kpat-23.04.1-1  kpmcore-23.04.1-1
krdc-23.04.1-1  kreversi-23.04.1-1  krfb-23.04.1-1  ksanecore-23.04.1-1  kshisen-23.04.1-1
ksirk-23.04.1-1  ksnakeduel-23.04.1-1  kspaceduel-23.04.1-1  ksquares-23.04.1-1
ksudoku-23.04.1-1  ktuberling-23.04.1-1  kubrick-23.04.1-1  lib32-at-spi2-core-2.48.2-1
lib32-mangohud-  libakonadi-23.04.1-1  libkdcraw-23.04.1-1  libkdegames-23.04.1-1
libkexiv2-23.04.1-1  libkgapi-23.04.1-1  libkmahjongg-23.04.1-1  libkomparediff2-23.04.1-1
libksane-23.04.1-1  libktorrent-23.04.1-1  lskat-23.04.1-1  mangohud-
mangohud-common-  marble-common-23.04.1-1  okular-23.04.1-1  palapeli-23.04.1-1
partitionmanager-23.04.1-1  picmi-23.04.1-1  powerdevil-5.27.5-2
proton-ge-custom-2:GE.Proton8.3-2  protontricks-git-1.10.3.r1.gf54e1fc-1
python-css-parser-1.0.9-1  python-soupsieve-2.4.1-1  qdirstat-1.8.1-1.3
retroarch-assets-glui-1:451-1  retroarch-assets-ozone-1:451-1  retroarch-assets-xmb-1:451-1
signon-kwallet-extension-23.04.1-1  spectacle-23.04.1-1  vscodium-

This sounds like a regression somewhere in dolphin, please report a bug at

Really you saw my bug report link but yet posted you comment anyway.

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sorry I didn’t saw it

Fair enough.

I now noticed that with the new updates that Screen Dimming is on by default. Another user ran into Suspend being enabled by default.


speaking the suspend my roommates machine was suspending itself after the update. Thing is the box in setting was unchecked so I ended up having to define special behavior and tell it to never turn off the monitor and never shutdown the computer or let it go to sleep.