Dolphin opens new window instead of new tab

Dear Community,

When I start Dolphin with the shortcut Super+E in KDE Neon, it opens a new dolphin session instead of opening a new tab within the already running dolphin session. I want Dolphin to start with new tabs within the already running dolphin session window.

According to sources the option under Settings->Startup->“Open new folder in tabs” should fix this. But enabling or disabling doesn’t do anything?

OS: KDE neon 5.27 x86_64
Kernel: 5.19.0-42-generic
DE: Plasma
WM: kwin
Graphics-Platform: Wayland

There is another poster in the archived KDE-Forum, experiencing somewhat the same, but had no solution:


Ctrl+t opens a new tab in a running session. If you wanna launch dolphin with predefined tabs, change the launcher to, for example, dolphin ~/Documents ~/Downloads.
As for “show the download in folder” on a browser, the setting “open new folders in tabs” in dolphin works just fine. That is, it works for me on firefox and brave.

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Thanks! By adding a custom command shortcut with the command “dolphin ~/” works too!