Dolphin: Save Tabs of Multi Windows

I really like Dolphin and use it every day.
But since I work on so many topics at the same time I have several different dolphin windows that each show a standard set of tabs.
Sadly, this does not survive restart. Only one set of tabs is saved.

I would like to have a way to save a set of tabs under a name. So I can easily restart those dolphin windows.

I tried creating desktop files that got the tab locations as parameters but this did not work well.

thank you very much

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I’d be interested in this as well. I always have at least two instances of Dolphin open, and once in awhile a third window with additional tabs.

There is this bookmark function


But deleting folder of tabs is not implemented via GUI, only single bookmark delete is possible. And truthfully, the whole bookmarks removal/opening feels not intuitive at all.

To delete folder of tabs you should edit:

To open that list of saved tabs

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is there a commandline parameter that opens a bookmark or bookmark folder?
or could we add one?

I don’t know about commands, but for bookmarking grouped tabs, you can add your own shortcut,

Or simply add your button to toolbar


But for opening there should be a GUI that lists all bookmarked folders, then it can be triggered via a shortcut or a button.

Maybe someone with deep knowledge about Dolphin can help you :wink:

How about creatting Tab Groups like browsers have?

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