Dolphin slow when remote mount off line

If a remote share mounted locally goes off-line, Dolphin becomes very slow when navigating the local machine.

Any ideas please?

Really surprised no-one else has experienced this!!

Perhaps you should give some more information, like at least distribution, Dolphin version, Plasma version, what kind of network (e.g. Ethernet/LAN or WLAN), what kind of “remote share” it is and how you mount it/unmount it/how it “goes off-line”…


Opensuse 15.5
Dolphin 22.12.3
Plasma 5.274.9

Wired LAN

Shares are mounted in fstab thus:

//remotemachine/share /mnt/localmount cifs

By “going off-line” I mean if the remote machine is powered off.

Unfortunately that’s a known issue, that we’ve been trying to make efforts on.

I’d recommend you to close dolphin and umount the offline fs.

The problem is we don’t have a real way to detect unresponsive filesystem without freezing at the moment.
We may have a technical way (io_uring + timeout) but it is some work that someone needs to tackle.

This is reported for instance 448361 – Dolphin behavior on Network shares I think there are older bugs reporting the same thing.


hmmh, two ideas

  • I’m using autofs to access my local NAS on my Notebook (wifi), here, to respond to the situation being not at home. Systemd’s automount service implementation should also work, but I prefer autofs being a platform independent solution. So either one might be worth a look for your situation of a powered down file server.

  • I also disabled, all the “recently accessed files”/history features in Plasma (for all activities), so things I accessed prior on my NAS, and are temporarily not accessible don’t have unwanted side effects. Sometimes less is really more :wink:

again, ymmv. I’m here on FreeBSD

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