Dolphin: start-up view and remembering position

In the settings, I see Dolphin is set to remember the last tabs. I see the use in that if you open a new window. But if I open a specific folder, I don’t see what the use is seeing all previously opened windows as tabs. (it even does this if I close the un-used tab and then open a new window, then still the window I was watching yesterday comes again as remembered tab).
A thing I would like Dolphin to remember, is when I re-open a window with a lot of files, that it opens in the same position as I closed it. For my accounting, I’m working on more then 100 files, one by one. If I stop and close everything and go on the next day, when I open the folder, it always starts at the beginning position again. Is that configurable?

EDIT: I have the accounting-folder open in an Activity, so I could just leave that open and switch to another Activity. But wouldn’t that consume a lot of processing-power or RAM-memory or something?

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Program in paused activity are stopped and with their state saved to disk.


No solution for Dolphin remembering the last position of a folder window?
Using activities for that is not a real solution, especially because each day there’s an update of Fedora and I have to restart. In that case all windows are closed and not remembered at all.