Dolphin wont show some details next to files, even though you can see those in the preview

i posted the same question on Reddit

okay so first a disclaimer i am fairly new to Linux and I don’t have the best understanding of how everything works! also i use Kubuntu and my current issue is with the dolphin file manager. I am not sure if the issue is something with the manager itself, or if i fcked something up, or if i just need a plugin that i could not find.

i try to sort images and videos based on the specific sorting options for those file types. in my current example i have a folder with some images and i want to sort them based on the dimensions.

screenshot of dolphin with the issue

as you can see in the image details it does show that dolphin can find the dimensions, but when i want dolphin to show it next to the image or sort based on the dimensions it just doesn’t show it. This happens with more then just the dimensions detail.

restarting dolphin does not seem to help. i cant find it in the addons of dolphin. the files are on my main disk and i am the root user. it happens with basically all the file types and their specific details. so this is also happening with the videos. the general details do seem to work.

it is probably a relatively easy thing to fix but i can’t find an answer so any help would be very much appreciated.

Edit: i also tried uninstalling and reinstalling dolphin to see if that would work but it also didn’t. I don’t think it ever worked but i also only found out about the feature around 1 week ago.

You need to enable file indexing in systemsettings for the folders you want (i.e baloo). Then dolphin will have those columns filled-in.
This is disabled by default in Kubuntu.


thank you so much! That worked. I didn’t know this.

You are not the only one.

hi , i tried it on manjaro and it didn’t help.
is there another solution