Donations for the development of Kdenlive

How can you donate to Kdenlive - without PayPal, because they take almost 5%, which is very annoying.
I’m looking for an alternative, preferably a real account number to which you can transfer money. Alternatively, there is also the option of making a free transfer via PayPal as a friend using an e-mail address.
Who is familiar with this?

Does this look different for you?

There is a credit card and bank transfer option …

That’s exactly how it looks to me. But here too, there is no normal transfer. Bank Transfer keeps less than PayPal for itself, but I don’t know this procedure. I do not use a credit card.
It seems to be difficult to reach Kdenlive directly, I tried a long time ago and found nothing.

Via the website: Other ways to Donate - KDE Community

Background for this: Spenden und Steuern - KDE e.V.

Hallo Bernd,
Great, I have now found an account number for Kde in Hamburg. But I’m actually looking for a way to support Kdenlive directly. Do you know how to do that?

AFAIK, it was not possible to donate directly to Kdenlive initially, but they found a way (hence the Donate button on the Kdenlive page). Still, it may go into a big bucket but with the Kdenlive tag. So, I suggest you put into the subject or reference line that this is a donation for Kdenlive, and hope for the best.
IIRC, KDE e.V. supports all projects somehow by dishing out portions of the collected donations to them.

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Oh, let’s see, I’ve now written an email to Kde, maybe I’ll get somewhere.
Otherwise, Kde is also ok. After all, I also use digiKam - a great tool for managing my photos and videos. I can even add comments to my mp4 videos and it works great.
Thank you Bernd for your commitment.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any further - is there really no way to donate to Kdenlive without big PayPal holding out their hand and keeping almost 5% of the donation for themselves?
Is there no official account number for Kdenlive or its creators that you can simply transfer to?
Or an email account where I can transfer via PayPal “as a friend” without any fees?

Your case isn’t the most common (without a credit card), but very much legitimate.

I think you can contact KDE e.V to direct your donation to kdenlive founding explaining your case, then make the donation to the e.V and they’ll direct your donation to kdenlive community.
You can contact the e.V treasurer that has his email on Other ways to Donate - KDE Community

I can’t recommend you the talk by kdenlive main contributors gave at akademy 2023

Hallo @meven
thank you, I’ve written to Kde and we’ll see what happens.

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Kdenlive (and KDE) use donorbox as a service for donations. They keep some bourocracy away from the team, but take a small amount per transfer. Given the simplification for the team a small fee of ~3€ for a 100€ donation seems reasonable.

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Hello @meven
thanks for the link. It worked great, I just forgot to report it.

Hallo @jlskuz
I’ve often heard that organizations have a lot of work to do when donations go directly into a bank account.
But I never understood what the problem was. If money arrives, then that’s good news. What is the bureaucratic work then?