Don't know why are Plasma 6.x being still be offered to install

Dear colleagues, as it is profusely reported all around the web, Plasma 6 breaks down Kubuntu desktop access. By chance, I had another desktop as back up witch allow me to recover Plasta 5.X.
So, I beg you not to offer the upgrade in Kubuntu 22.04 LTS up to you demonstrate that the upgrade will work reliably.
Best regards
Jorge Medina
Buenos Aires
Repúbica Argentina

I’m using Plasma 6, I’m unaware that it ‘breaks down kubuntu desktop access’ and am finding it a better upgrade than some of the disasters that Plasma 5 shipped out…

Perhaps you should join your forum, and find out how you should CLEAN UP BEFORE UPGRADING to Plasma 6.

This tends to remove most of the bugs for nearly everyone.

Thanks for your fast reaction. Discover application should make all the arrangements so as to Plasma 6 works without making a huge mess in the middle of mi work time.
That kind of stuff should’t happen ever.

Kubuntu does not ship Plasma 6, so it’s very unclear to me what this post is about


Kubuntu wouldn’t offer an upgrade to Plasma 6, with the possible exception of a special PPA for the purpose (and unlikely to be offered for 22.04.)

An upgrade from Kubuntu 22.04 to 24.04 will not provide Plasma 6 either, as this new release will still be Plasma 5. Upgrades to 24.04 Noble won’t be offered for that until around August, as is the norm for Ubuntu LTS upgrades. One can manually begin the upgrade, now, if desired iirc. In the case of distribution upgrades, those are not from KDE at all, and would be the domain of that distribution - Ubuntu/Kubuntu.

Im are aware of that, but Discovery present Plasma 6.6 as an upgrade of Plasma 5.xx. I trend to think that it is an official upgrade.
So, as per what you say one shoud skip the upgrade each time Discover offer it.
Tank you very much. So, what does it mean that the upgrade appears in Discovery?
Anyway I wont bother again with this inconsistency of Kubunto.
Best regards for your kind answers.

You may want to show us what you mean. Kubuntu doesn’t have any Plasma 6 packages released, even for the new 24.04, let alone Plasma 6.6 - KDE has only released Plasma 6.0.4.

My Kubuntu 22.04 setup isn’t showing such updates here.

Could you be seeing Qt library packages, maybe? But I think that even that would not be at 6.6 in Ubuntu 22.04.

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The picture I add here is what I am talking about.
May be I am wrong assuming that it corresponds to Plasma 6?

These are flatpak runtimes needed by apps compiled against KDE Frameworks libraries.

If you have installed any flatpak KDE apps that need those runtimes, just them will be affected.

By updating those, your system won’t be affected.

¡Saludos desde Brasil! =)


Thanks again.