Downgrade from plasma 6 to plasma 5


I have read what is available, and i have yet to find anything that can help me, I wish to downgrade from plasma 6 back down to the last version of Plasma 5.

I run the Manjaro Distro, and have tried “Sudo manjaro-downgrade” command, however, it says no results found.

Linux has always been about choice. It is one reason why i run the distros that i do. As i prefer to have control of the systems i use. Some people will ask, why do you want to downgrade and other things, I Prefer Plasma 5 on this particular computer.

Please help.

kubuntu 24.04 still has plasma 5 , but also a very very recent kernel… kind of a win-win.

with backports you can stay more current on software packages without reinstalling, but i don’t know when/if plasma 6 will show up in the backports repositories

so if you if you want to put off the plasma 6 as long as possible, then do not turn on backports.

Is there no possible way to downgrade? I do not care about the dangers of a possible downgrade. And i would prefer to stay on Manjaro. I am also unable to find the kde plasma 5.27 packages anywhere.

openSUSE Leap is also on KDE5. I would recommend getting a live stick of a distro still on KDE5, a new hard drive and install a fresh OS. Then move your data over. Trying to downgrade sounds very messy.

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I forgot to welcome you. :grinning:

Thank you, I am surprised this is the first time i have joined the KDE forums, I have been using linux for over a decade now, and you are correct, i am working my way through several programs to figure out how to downgrade, i will be installing a new distro in the end, but have seen others wonder the same with the same answers, so i would like to at least leave them a path to try at this point.

Perhaps you should discuss that in the Manjaro forum… Basically the upgrade has been held back a lont time already, and is now judged stable.

Manjaro does not support partial upgrades.

Manjaro went to Plasma 6 quite some time ago, first with Unstable (closely following Arch) and then later with Testing, and finally Stable has moved on.

Plasma 5.27, I remember, was an LTS release… but Plasma 6 is now stable…

The main reason some folks were holding back were memories of the disasterous updates with Plasma 5 (was it 5.24 or 5.25?)… but those concerns are mostly invalid now and I think you should just upgrade already following advice in the forum.

Basically, the laziest way to do this is to copy the contents of your home folder to a BACKUP folder (e.g. mkdir BACKUP, then select everything - including hidden files/folders) into that folder, then selectively (assuming no bugs) bring things back.

This is a question for your distro forum, not KDE. Every distro does packaging differently. Some (well, few) facilitate easy downgrading, many don’t.


Wellcome, @EternalLink

You probably have all your previous packages within /var/cache/pacman/pkg, yet, as Manjaro has installed KDE Plasma 6 recently:

I have just 1 previous version, because I use to run updates weekly – and I have cleaned my package cache just before upgrade to Plasma 6.

Mates are right: – You should ask within Manjaro Forum, how to downgrade. – Unhappily, I have never done a downgrade, and cannot tell you.

Otherwise, let me say I feel sad for you being uncomfortable with Plasma 6 on Manjaro! – I have done this upgrade within Arch Linux, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Mageia Cauldron and Void Linux, before – and the best experience I have had with this upgrade was within Manjaro.

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this is matter you should discuss on manjaro’s forums, but do not bother as this has already been raised there and the answer is: no you cannot downgrade, manjaro being a rolling release. along with advice to change to another distro as manjaro might not be the right distro for you.

now if you have followed the instructions guide to this upgrade, you made a full system backup and to revert the upgrade you simply have to roll back to your backup pre-upgrade.

if you did not, then you may still have the relevant packages in your pacman cache, so by looking at your pacman logs you should be able to list the packages that were installed and removed during the upgrade and manually uninstall the first ones while reinstalling the second ones from cache. but then you will be locked out of system updates from this point on, which is not recommended.

So all things considered if you want to keep plasma 5 you are out of luck as manjaro does not allow this. you will have to choose between either manjaro with plasma 6 or changing to another distro with plasma 5.