Downgrade to KDEP5?

We tried KDE Neon 6 (and had problems mentioned on threads like ‘are you out of your mind to release such a faulty update’ and 100+ other major problem threads since) which broke 2/3 our PCs (one inoperable) so downgraded to OS with KDEP5. Now that ~/.kde doesn’t seem much-used, what do I delete from ~/.config & ~/.local/share so KDEP5 is usable again (downgrade led to many bugs/crashes)? I know most stuff starts with k, but a lot also doesn’t: maybe Okular and a large amount of optional KDE software we have but I can’t keep track of.

We’ll try KDEP6 when FreeBSD UNIX, Slackware & Kubuntu LTS GNU/Linuxes upgrade.

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