Download Library clips from the KDE store directly in kdenlive

Hello, I have been searching for a button that may or may not exist: the one that allows you to download files from Kdenlive Library Clips - KDE Store directly in kdenlive. There is one for the Effects at the top of the Effects panel, but i can’t find one for the Library Clips. Does it not exist? (in which case it would be great to add it :)) Or am I just blind ? (also a definite possibility)

You are not blind. This feature doesn’t exist (yet), so your best option is to create a [Feature Request].

Perhaps we need the same for the project bin so that project files can be downloaded from the KDE Store Project File category as well?

Cool, thanks for the answer Bernd, i’ll make a feature request. And maybe there could just be a single place where they can all be found, because everytime i struggle haha

Hmm, perhaps this can be integrated in the Online Resources tab.

Would have been a good question and discussion topic for the Cafe …

Yes, that could be an option, I did look in there when searching the (nonexistant) button. But even that is not that easy to find

Yes, i guess it would have, if only i had started this tutorial last week haha