Drag and Drop on Chromium

On Wayland session I’m unable to drag&drop from Spectacle or Dolphin in Chromium. I googled but without fortune. Does anyone have an idea?

I am not fully sure, but I think Spectacle and Dolphin are both Qt apps, while Chromium uses GTK (AFAIK). I don’t know whether drag and drop works with different graphics toolkits right now. Can you install any GTK file listing application (e.g. Nautilus from GNOME) and try it out that way?
Generally, which Linux Distribution do you use? Which KDE Plasma version?

Chromium with the Wayland backend is not fully functional.

You must run it under XWayland if you want that functionality.

you can set it here :point_right: chrome://flags/#ozone-platform-hint

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You are right, now it works by forcing it to use X11. Ridiculous that to get drag and drop to work in Wayland I have to use X11!