Drag&Drop is broken?

To be fair this is only “user-friendly” distro i ever used in background with Ubutnu so i have nowhere to switch of. I used ZorinOS for a while and GNOME is unfunctional MAC MESS. And because i still can download GNOME based applications i don’t see reasons to reinstall OS or Graphical UI because KDE is in almost all ways better that competitors.

I guess because by default graphical platform is Wayland. I have an issue that breaks drag&drop very offten. So i have to search for path manually in most cases. KDE Neon in some kind fixes it on most of the places. But i still have many random things that just says that: “this file is empty or 0 kb”.

If i can’t fix it on all apps with Wayland, what is gonna be if im gonna switch to X11 or why i should not to switch to X11 because Wayland have some critical features that gonna break on later updates of KDE Neon.