Dragging Browser-URL fails or ends in sticky note

I had Debian12 and somehow I wrecked it :smiley: Oh well, I thought that’ll be a nice chance to give wayland another try.

Well, it didn’t work nicely at all, so I switched to X11 again at login.

Getting slowly my workflows running again. However, one problem still persists:

I cannot drag the URL from the address bar anymore. Dolphin does nothing at all (should create a .desktop link). And dropping it on the desktop just provides me with a cluttering sticky note. Neither Firefox nor Chromium can drop URLs anymore.

My previous installations with KDE (must be years now) worked always with that feature, including my prior install of Debian12. Dragging URLs from FF to Chromium and vice versa also works, just Dolphin ignores it.

Any idea what’s causing it?

PS: Just tried Konqueror and that actually worked.

Edit: Not D13, I meant Debian 12, of course. Sry, was tired…

Um…don’t you get the option to create a link when you drag the url?
This one’s on debian12 and I can’t reproduce your issue. And certainly not the “turns into a sticky note” thing.

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Nope, no option whatsoever. Not from Firefox, not from Chromium but from Konqueror and also Dolphin.

My logs show (failing in FF):

3/12/24 8:24 AM	kwin_wayland_wrapper	kwin_xwl: Incoming X selection conversion failed
3/12/24 8:24 AM	plasmashell	QWaylandDataOffer: timeout reading from pipe
3/12/24 8:24 AM	plasmashell	QWaylandDataOffer: error reading data for mimeType text/plain;charset=utf-8
3/12/24 8:24 AM	plasmashell	QWaylandDataOffer: timeout reading from pipe
3/12/24 8:24 AM	plasmashell	QWaylandDataOffer: error reading data for mimeType text/plain

whereas successful linking (dolphin to dolphin) only remarks:

3/12/24 8:25 AM	plasmashell	QObject::disconnect: Unexpected nullptr parameter

I have the configs from my previous installation, so I could check per diff for relevant changes. Just not sure which files to look for…

Tried re-installing bookworm, same thing.

Tried Kubuntu, could not even install as installer always screwed up with 2nd partition (always, tried at least three times).

Tried Fedora, slightly better, nice and flashy live-CD but eventually failed as well complaining about EFI.

Tried bullseye, installation worked, problem resolved.

Conclusion: Current KDE is not ready yet (let’s call half baked) and I will stay away further experiments until a solid update has taken place (probably until Trixie). Should have read the reports at DistroWatch more carefully as there are many, many people shunning it (releases regarding KDE). Sad but seems someone wanted to pull off too many changes at once, perhaps?

Lesson learned: Try it first with spare drive or VM first for two weeks.

PS: Sry for the little rant, KDE is awesome (and Iove it very much) but this latest major move I must consider a failed attempt.

Well, I tried to produce the issue on several debian based installs. All of them worked fine with all sorts of browsers, except for one…firefox. So I looked it up and it’s a known thing with regular firefox. Librewolf, for example, works fine. Then I read something about dragging the url from the padlock icon in the urlbar. That worked. But yeah, dragging the url itself indeed resulted in a stupid sticky note.

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Uh, did you try chromium as well and it worked? I tried both with the padlock icon and both ended in sticky notes at best. It wasn’t like that when I started with bookworm (so I assume some update broke it).

For some time I tried to work around with an addon to save links…

Anyhow, thank you very much for your feedback (especially the screenshot, always nice to see other approaches like your right-to-left). And thanks for cross checking :heart_eyes:

PS: Probably I’ll keep trying new KDE in a VM, just currently I have so many things on my mind and need a reliable horse (there were other things, date to clipboard, reverting icons, lacking tab switcher etc pp)

A new horse? Get a nice stable breed :wink: