DRM Content won't play

Hi all,

For some reason I can’t play DRM content videos on Amazon or Youtube - I’ve tried multiple browsers and yes, I have also made sure I have the option selected. It was working for a while on Chrome, but after an update that has also stopped.

On Firefox it says the widevine thing has crashed - it’s installed and seems to be updated.

I’ve searched for an answer, but nothing for KDE Neon, and most of the advice is 'reboot the browser and make sure you have ‘enable DRM content’, so I am at a bit of a loss.



Have an example Video for me that i can test it here?

Not really, it’s all purchased videos on Amazon and Youtube (‘free’ content works fine).

Ok, yeah sorry. Then i can’t help you at the moment. I cancelled my amazon account 2 months ago. Because the bad quality of 4k movies.
I remember that it always worked in the web browser under Neon. (Chrome). But there not even HD quality worked. This only worked with Windows.

€: Maybe I am wrong and this is a Neon issue:


Most likely not a KDE issue. You probably are probably better of asking on a different forum/platform with more users for non KDE related issues. Weird that multiple Browsers don’t work.

All I can say is that it works fine for me with Firefox.

Widevine is what Firefox uses for DRM content. You need to figure out why this crashes, otherwise you cant watch DRM content (on Firefox).

You don’t need to search for Neon specifically since this is most likely not Neon specific. Neon uses Ubuntu as its base so you can also search for Widevine crash Ubuntu crash etc…

If you want to debug this issue here you need to post the actual error message you get. Start Firefox from Konsole and see if you get good error messages. Try if it crashes on both X11 and Wayland etc…

Sadly this is a well known issue with DRM. 1700815 - Implement HWDRM video playback with libva protected content API
Not sure if we can expect a fix soon :confused:

Thanks for that link.