Dropbox and search issues [Resolved]

After installing KDE Neon’s latest April iso had duplicate, persisting issue after multiple reboots:

  1. Dropbox would not autostart (even if listed as such);
  2. File search did not function (even if checked off).

Seeing that we are long away from initial Plasma 6, felt that such issues should not be.
If KDE Neon is still in beta/alpha phase, then it should be explicitly mentioned.

Have never experienced these issues with SpiralLinux.
Do prefer Plasma 6 experience but…
Anyhow, not reporting this as bug.
Don’t have time.

While other Plasma 6 issues have been resolved, for which i am glad.
These two are just in-acceptable at this stage of the game.

Just noticed that Tuxedo (Debian based - don’t want Arch or others) has Plasma 6.
Off we go for another try!

Update no.1: Tuxedo did not work for the desktop i have. Tried an Arch based distro (EndeavourOS) but could not install the driver for the printer. Not being as familiar with Arch, did not pursue that issue any further. Debian based is more “user friendly” for me.

Update no.2: with a bit of spare time on my hands, took latest KDE Neon 240502 iso for a test drive and everything works peaches and cream! yay!