Dropbox will not autostart on KDE Neon

Have checked Dropbox app. to make sure it is set to start at boot.
Checked also KDE Autostart.
Even installed Stacer and set it there too.

Still no luck.

Btw, love the new forum! :slight_smile:

If you check the output of ls /run/user/1000/systemd/generator.late. You should be able to find the name of the service file generated for the dropbox. Then using that you can use systemctl status --user <service_file_name> to check the logs of the autostart unit. It should provide you some more information

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Thanks! But, apparently not listed:

ls /run/user/1000/systemd/generator.late
‘app-geoclue\x2ddemo\x2dagent@autostart.service’ app-org.kde.discover.notifier@autostart.service
app-kaccess@autostart.service app-org.kde.kdeconnect.daemon@autostart.service
app-klipper@autostart.service ‘app-org.kde.plasma\x2dwelcome@autostart.service’
‘app-kup\x2ddaemon@autostart.service’ ‘app-snap\x2duserd\x2dautostart@autostart.service’
app-lts_eol@autostart.service xdg-desktop-autostart.target.wants

Even if autostart shows it:

Weird… Dropbox autostarted this a.m.

Hope to see it keep up!

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Has autostarted again this a.m.

I am mystified!

Marking resolved, just do not understand.

Perhaps @Thenujan ‘s tip triggered somethin’?