Dropdown Menu for KDE 6


I tried Fedora once before (with KDE 5) and remember having an option enabled to have menus (such as the right click option menu) have a dropdown effect which I find visually very appealing. This extends to all kinds of menus.

However, I can’t seem to find the option on KDE Plasma 6. Was it removed? If not, where can I enable it?

What do you mean by “a dropdown effect”?

Sorry for the late response.

When eg. right clicking the desktop, a menu would appear (with options like “Display settings” etc.). This menu usually appears like a popup (so the common way).

What I have experienced in KDE 5 was an option to change this appear effect. Instead of popping up, it would “roll out” from top to bottom. So first the menu has no height which then grows to the height of the menu. (a short animation in total).

I hope that makes it clear.

To my knowledge, the Breeze application style never had this animation. Certainly not within the last few years. Is it possible you were using a 3rd-party application style in the past, which provided this animation?