Dual GPUs now being used?

Hi. This may sound like a really weird question. However;

I have 2x AMD GPUs in my system running Plasma 6.
I have a 5700 XT and a 6800 XT
However in the past I was running Plasma 5 and noticed that my other GPU was never utilized by the system and my 6800 XT was consistently used. This isn’t a support request but more of a “is this an undocumented change?” I can’t seem to find anything that points to Plasma 6 utilizing multi GPU systems. My 5700 XT would always idle on my system but now it’s used alongside my 6800 XT which is awesome, I haven’t had any issues. However, should I wish to only use ONE GPU, is it possible to do so without outright disabling it?

This was tested on both Arch Linux and Nobara Linux.