Dual screen duplication issue

Hi, I am using Wayland + KDE on Fedora 38, I have two monitors and I was trying to duplicat them.
I have searched on Google and there should be an option called “Replica of” in Display settings, but I can’t find it in my Display settings.

Another issue is that I cannot get the taskbar to show on all screens…

So, in the current iteration of KScreen - the display management module and its associated Display Configuration KCM (it went through a lot of changes in the last couple of years), there isn’t a specific feature to cause screens to be a duplicate of one another.

OTOH, if you look at the Display Configuration system tray icon and its related OSD (it pops up when you connect a new display, but you can also access the widget directly in the system notifications tray, or you can add it as a widget), there is an option called “Unify Outputs” - if you choose that, KScreen will simply put all screens one on top of each other - so they all show the same part of the desktop. You can also arrange them like that yourself from the full Display Configuration KCM.

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I will try configuring the KCM later when I get to my desktop, but can you also help with showing taskbar in all desktops if I use ‘extended’ mode?

Thank you.

A real duplication of the main panel - as Windows is doing - is already listed as this feature: request 446654 – Feature Request: mirror a panel on all monitors. I don’t know what work has been done on that, but it is not yet something that can be done.

What you can do is create a new “default panel” on your second screen by right clicking an empty area of the desktop and from the menu that opens choose “Add Panel” and then “Default Panel”. And now you should have a very similar (but not identical) panel on the new screen - it will definitely be different if you did any kind of customization on your panel, which you will need to do again if you want.

This is not the best solution and in the past it could generate all kind of weird issues. Currently it looks quite stable - the main issue I had before was that the new app launcher button would grab the “open app launcher” global shortcut and now you can’t open the app launcher if you don’t have the second screen on, but this is no longer an issue - the [META] global shortcut opens whatever app launcher menu is on the screen your mouse cursor is at. Its not great to attach keyboard behavior to the location of the mouse cursor, but its a reasonable approach (popping up new UI elements where we have the best indication of where the user attention is).