Dynebolic IV, now with KDE plasma

Greetings KDE Discuss and fellow space-time travelers!

Hopefully i am not breaking any boundaries with this post :purple_heart: I am not allowed to post links, but that’s fair: this is my first post. Hopefully i will be able to add them later :pray:

I come from Dyne to let you know we’ve chosen KDE Plasma as DE for the latest version of dynebolic. For those that do not know of dynebolic (previously dyne:bolic), it is a 100% Freesoftware GNU+Linux nomadic distribution for multimedia production endorsed by the FSF. It’s been around for 2 decades and a gateway to software freedom for many artists creatives and multimedia producers all over the world.

We chose KDE 5 Plasma for it’s modern design, customization possibilities, smooth feel and the very interesting “Activities” module that we leverage heavily in the user experience by organizing the desktop as different journeys into creativity with five specific workflows:

  • Streaming
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Publishing

Each activity is easily reached from the desktop panel or via keyboard shortcuts and offers everything needed for each workflow and many customization possibilities. They exclude the noise of other workflows, without compromising on access. As many Activities users will know: if you are working in one activity, nothing is stopping you from starting an application that pertains to another.

We just released the Beta and are looking for developers, testers and creatives of all azimuths for the push towards the 4.0.0 release. We could really need some expertise from the KDE community. Dynebolic is based on Devuan, and the source code is available in our git repository

Those who remember dynebolic from 20 years ago recall well that we are not just working on a wonderful distribution to introduce people to the Free Software Movement and its original values, but we also facilitate a community of creatives that help each other to make this distribution better. You are very welcome to give use feedback: the ISO available on the website is BETA, because we need your help. You will find bugs: help us catch them all! :saxophone::bug:

Hoping to read from you soon!

Jah, Rastasoftware!


Cool, I’m glad you’ve found our software useful for your purposes!