Easiest way to do a fade-to-black followed by a fade-from-black?

Hi! I’m new to kdenlive (coming from Sony Vegas, and very very happy to see how good this is).
In my editing I often find myself having to do a fade-to-black (typically 1s) followed by a fade-from-black (also 1s) to join 2 clips. The fades are typically video and audio. The fastest way I have found is to create 4 shortcuts to add fade-to-black to video, audio, then from black to video and audio.
While this works I’m wondering if there’s a more direct way to do that.

I want to thank the devs for the amazing work they’ve done on this.

You can just drag the blue and red dots in from the top left and top right of your clips. Does that not do what you need?

Yes, it does, and it’s quick enough. I was trying to make it so it would be just one action (instead of 4, with somewhat precise dragging, which has to depend on the zoom factor to get about 1s). But with the shortcuts it’s pretty good.

Double click on the red dots apply the standard fade length which is defined in the settings.

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You can try this workaround method where you can copy the black clip with effects once and paste it multiple (or drag n drop) everytime. (See GIF) However, not applicable for audio.

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create 2 custom effect (or stack for grouped clip video + audio) with specific timing. And select multiple clips and then paste effects.
For example, select all clips that should fade out then apply custom fade out with timing, then select all clip that fade in then apply custom fade in with timing.

Upon request, I can create a tutorial for that case if you want.