Easing in kdenlive with the 'Ease Generator'

For all of you in need of anim curves and easing in kdenlive:

A community member just posted this Ease Generator on the kdenlive sub-reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kdenlive/comments/12p8ryh/easing_without_glaxnimate/

sounds really interesting!
Here are the links if you don’t wanna go to Reddit:

I made a tool that you can use to ease/tween transform’s using the import from clipboard feature.

GitHub: GitHub - chocolateimage/kdenlive_ease_generator: Easing keyframe generator for kdenlive

Showcase: Easing in Kdenlive! (Part 2) - Showcase - YouTube

Tutorial: Easing in Kdenlive! - Tutorial - YouTube

btw we could have a kdenlive tag we already do

Thanks for putting the direct link here.

BTW, a kdenlive tag already exists :wink: This post has it …

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